07 March 2006

CCTV for Plymouth Citybus

Plymouth Citybus has announced that it is spending more than £300,000 on new cctv equipment in almost all of its buses. In a bid to crack down on the problems, 125 of the firm's 167 vehicles are now to be fitted with CCTV cameras. The bus operator today announced it was spending between £80,000 and £100,000 a year on replacing bus windows which youths are smashing with missiles, including rocks and pieces of wood. Six or seven bus drivers a year are also assaulted.
A single-deck bus fitted with CCTV will boast six cameras, while a double-decker will have eight.Minibuses will not have CCTV.The cameras - although mostly installed inside the buses - will also be able to record footage of incidents outside the vehicles too.

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