25 February 2006

Car Park

This blog is just as much about transport infrastructure as it is about transport itself but one area I have not touched upon so far is car parks. This news item has caught my eye:
12:00 - 24 February 2006
A city car park has won an award for being one of the safest in the South West. The car park at Plymouth's train station is one of four operated by First Great Western in Devon and Somerset to win a national stamp of approval for safety and security.Car parks in Taunton, Tiverton Parkway and Newton Abbot have also been granted the 'Park Mark Safer Parking Award'.Kevin Ogilvie- White, First Great Western's group station manager for the West of England, said: "This award is an enormous boost for these stations, and follows closely on the heels of these stations being granted Secure Station Status."
First of all congratulations to the operators for getting this award as safety is something that should be designed into all car parks. The other thing that caught my eye was a comment left on the news page:

The cost to park ones car there I should think it should be safe surely !
This only goes to show that safety features cost money which has to be passed on to the user of the car parks. Isn't this a price worth paying?

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  1. This article from the Times Online is very Plymouth related and links to some of your rail posts:



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