21 February 2006

Vandal attack

More news from this is Plymouth about the reported attack on bus shelters a few days ago. Back on my Soap Box Sunday posting I wondered if the paper had reported the vandal attck correctly as being on Thursday evening when I saw the smashed shelter on Sunday morning. Well it now appears that the shelters were repaired on Friday- and then smashed again in the evening.

Residents in Plymouth are being urged to stay vigilant and help catch vandals who smash up bus shelters.The appeal comes after the city council revealed that shelters in two busy roads had been vandalised 16 times within the space of a few days.Panes of glass were smashed at seven bus shelters in Outland Road and Tavistock Road last Thursday night.They were fixed last Friday, but vandals then smashed up nine shelters in the two roads over the weekend.
Bus shelters in Plymouth are repaired by a private firm, JCDecaux. Each pane of glass costs up to £140, and replacing them is even more expensive.All shelters in the city are repaired within 48 hours, but the bills add up to thousands of pounds annually.Last December, JCDecaux warned that the 48-hour repair service it offered could be withdrawn in some areas if the vandalism continued.
Sadly there is a footnote to the story in the comment left by one web site reader:
Whats the point reporting these kids smashing the shelters up to the Police. I
called the police regarding a bunch of youths near a bus shelter outside my
home, they arrived 4 hours later, after the shelter had been smashed.... they
never even came for a statement of who I saw. So I ask the question, whats the

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