30 January 2006

National Express

Typical of the National Express fleet operated by First Devon & Cornwall these days is WK02UMC which was new in July 2002 as fleet number 2703. Now numbered 20520 in the national fleet numbering system adopted by First Group.
Its a Volvo B12M with Plaxton bodywork. FDC have really tidied up their act when it comes to National Express operations over the past few years. A while back you could get all sorts of stuff sent out, much of it looking really scruffy, but First sent down quiet a few Volvo Plaxtons from the Bristol based coach fleet to give a very standardised fleet of coaches. Boring for the enthusiast but I am sure National Express are a lot happier.
Of course National Express itself is just a small part of National Express Group these days.
The previous corporate image of the fleet is illustrated in a series of free fotos offered for download at freefoto.com.

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