22 January 2006

Refresh that DOG

30065 A167VFM is now in the new standard Barbie livery and looking very smart indeed. Thanks to Nick Rice for permission to use his fotos in this blog. This is of course originally Crosville DOG167.

This bus was last mentioned in my blog back on 12th August when it was still running around in PMT red / Yellow livery. It sounds like all of them are now in full livery.
FDC have recently transferred a few elderly Olympians out of Plymouth and into Cornwall including a couple of the FUM-Y buses (horrible things - glad to see them go) and the two D-HUB Optare buses which were not so bad.

One other news item to mention here, although nothing at all to do with Plymouth really, is a big fire at a bus garage in London. BBC News:

Twelve double-decker buses have been damaged in a fire which sent plumes of smoke across London. About 50 firefighters tackled the blaze at the Westbourne Park Bus Garage in west London, on Sunday, which is now under control. Police said initially three vehicles were on fire when they were called, but there were subsequent explosions. The Great West Road, the A40 and Westbourne Park Tube station have all reopened after being shut for hours. A spokesman for bus company First confirmed the fire was estimated to have caused hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage. He said: "It looks like seven buses have been burned out and three to four are smoke damaged." The spokesman added that it was a "complete mystery" as to how the blaze had begun, but confirmed there had been no casualties. He said the incident had happened in an outside area, where the buses had been parked overnight. Services would not be affected, the spokesman said.

It seems as if it was mainly Low Floor Trident DDs that were destroyed, including a few which were ready for cascading throughout First Group as no longer needed in London. Although the Tridents due for Plymouth are already in Plymouth this could have a slight knock on effect as such group cascades are delayed or cancelled it could delay any other cascades throughout the group. As other companies have to wait for the London rubbish to reach them, it delays them sending their cast-offs down here!

Maybe I am just cynical.

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