18 January 2006

Airbus Olympian

This picture was taken a few months ago but it was down at Marsh Mills Roundabout so it does kind of fit in with the theme of the last few days.
First 34194 481FPO is one of the "Airbus" Olympian buses which have been drafted in to Devon to use on the X80 Plymouth - Torquay service. This is a heavily used service and has been crying out for decent buses for a long time. These fine machines fit the bill perfectly, although nice new Trident low floor buses would be even better!

This particular bus was acquired from Airlinks in April 2005 and was new as N113UHP. David Oakley has a few photos on his fotopic site of this batch of buses including N112UHP in Airbus livery and N117UHP in National Express Airport livery (this bus is now 34196 OWB 243 in the FDC fleet.


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  1. These buses are much better then a Trident Graham! Air con, coach seats and overhead luggage racks and a great view from the front of the top deck make these perfect for this service, and they sport a good turn of speed too (although that means they ain't too great up the hills because of the gearing)

    P.s. the Airbus side route blinds are still in place on some of these buses, I walked past Bretonside one day and one was displaying "A1 Heathrow Airport"!!


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