12 January 2006

Shakey Bridge

Today was my last day at the Goschen Centre (Yes - I passed my First Aid course and am now a registered first aider!) so I managed to get a few photos of "Shakey Bridge" as its always been known locally although it seems to be called Weston Mill Viaduct officially. Well, you can just see the bridge in the background anyway. The train crossing the bridge is '150247' whatever that is!
I am standing on the road bridge that can be seen on my recent post about Keyham Station which is just behind me, on the other side of this bridge. More info on Keyham Station can be found here.
One of the most useful features of this bridge for years was the footpath that ran alongside it as it provided a short cut across the creek and saved a good 40 minute walk along the main road. It was probably this well known path that led to the bridge being known as Shakey Bridge as we always used to enjoy it when a train crossed the bridge at speed as it always shook the bridge and was great fun when I was a child. This path has since been closed - and by the look of it this was some time ago and there are no plans to re-open it. I guess this is down to Health & Safety issues.

Finally another treat from Cyberheritage - from 1986 this time with this shot in the snow. In this shot you can see the branch into HMS Drake and the Naval Dockyard which is just to the right of the train.



  1. I remember crossing Shakey Bridge on my way home from school with my sisters in the mid sixties
    Im sure there were gape's in the wooden treads
    Great memories xx

  2. During early 1950s I would get to my granny's house by crossing shaky Bridge. We loved it as when the train came we would scream our heads off as the bridge shook. Yes we also saw gaps in the planks and would lay down and look down to the water..


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