01 January 2006

RIP the 17

No buses out today as far as I know so start the year with a route which never made it into 2006! D513HUB is seen on the last day of service of route 17 from the City Centre to Glenholt. It was always a good route in that First would put just about anything on it - even more so than any of the low floor routes. To be fair to FDC there were hardly any passengers on it whenever I used the service so I am not surprised its going. The fact that Citybus are taking on the other withdrawn routes but not this one does confirm this lack of usage.
D513HUB is one of the Olympians with bodywork built by Optare very shortly after they took over from Roe, and is to the old Roe design. The body number is 28 so it is very early Optare product! New to Yorkshire Rider as 5513 in Feb 1987. It found its way to First Western National back in April 2000 with its sister D514HUB.
As can be seen 34713 is one of the scruffier buses in the fleet at the moment, especially when compared to sister 34714 which was posted to this blog back on 19th September.

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