21 December 2005

Transforming Travel - Ho Ho Ho!

These are the luxury seats that await passengers on one of the FUM-Y registered Olympians which First have presented the people of Devon with. The back few rows are hard plastic seats and as usually are heavily vandalised. It wouldn't have cost them much to replace these seats with some from the older VRTs that are slowly disappearing from the fleet - these are a lot more comfortable.
Of course to a big group like First the comfort of the passenger in a backwater like Plymouth is of little concern. In fact First seem to be treating their passengers with utter contempt all over the country at the moment with massive fare increases being imposed from above on all their companies.
The latest rise for Plymouth is presented by First here.
interestingly the same day First report on a prize draw for passengers who nominate their favourite bus driver! Great timing as its the bus drivers who will get it in the neck when the passengers start paying the new bus fares.


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