19 November 2005

Disturbing news item

Disturbing news item tonight:
A city bus driver is living in constant fear that he has contracted the HIV virus after he was stabbed with a needle in an unprovoked attack.

This is a worrying attack and my thoughts are with the driver. No one should have to put up with this sort of thing. The sad thing is the story mentions there were passengers on the bus at the time but they still need to appeal for witnesses! I hope they do catch the yob who did this.

My attention is also drawn to the comment left by the drivers own daughter who partially blames Citybus for their lack of cctv. It does seem odd these days that so few buses down here has cctv fitted. Its a shame that its needed - but if its the only way drivers can be protected - or at least offer a chance that attackers can be caught then surely its worth the extra expense.

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