08 June 2005

8th June: Plymouth International Traffic Lights

Nothing much to see here is there? Well, No there isnt really. It does though illustrate the buses now entering the Plymouth International Business Park. They started on Sunday with two First services the 6 and the 17 providing 4 buses an hour from Derriford Hospital into Town. Coming up from the City Centre and heading towards Derriford Roundabout the buses have to use this awkward Right turn into the estate. It is traffic light controlled and when the lights work the buses should be able to stay in their bus lane and turn right across all the traffic. At this time though the lights are not working so buses have to get into the right hand lanes - not always easy to do from the bus lane in heavy traffic. Several buses have ended up missing the turn and just carry on down to Derriford Roundabout as they used to. With the traffic lights out of order for a few days it is causing the buses problems although, ironically for other traffic it is actually improving things as there is less of a queue to turn right here than normal!

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