09 April 2005

Lee Moor Tramway - Leigham section part 1

From the modern transit of the previous few days posts I go way back in time to one of the earliest tramway routes. The Lee Moor Tramway which made its way from Plymouth Sutton Harbour, to Marsh Mills and then uphill all the way up onto Dartmoor. The line opened in 1823 from Crabtree, in Plymouth to near Princetown on Dartmoor. the extension to Sutton Harbour was opened a while later. At its peak the line was more than 25 miles. I have been looking into this route and aim to walk it where possible. Today I walked part of the Leigham section. I will eventually have more pictures and details on my new web site I am planning but for now here is a photo looking up towards Leigham having come in from the Crabtree end of the short section of track that is still visible. This is now a footpath through the woods, just down from a modern housing estate. Also visible in this picture are some of the flag stones which the track was laid onto. These are still there in one or two places and apart from the path itself are one of the very few reminders of the history behind this 'footpath'. My wife and son can be seen on the path waiting for me to finish taking pictures!

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  1. Dear Sir. As far as I am aware the Lee Moor Tramway did not go to Princetown. It was the Plymouth and Dartmoor railway which went to Princetown. The above picture looks like the trackbed heading towards the tunnel at Leigham.
    Part of the route from Yelverton to Princetown was eventually sold to the GWR to become their branch to Princetown.
    The Lee Moor Tramway took a different route via Plym Bridge, Cann Woods and Torycombe to reach its destination at Lee Moor.


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